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A few of the companies we work with
meeba meeba is a social app for backpackers and travellers. With meeba you can find friends, things to do and have your local bulletin board where ever you land. It creates ad-hoc communities and helps you keep connections with your most important friends.

Make My Day In car and mobile software for driving assistance and daily plan. Creating optimal route between your errands using many parameters like distance, time to wait in line in the business, parking and more. Creating your most efficient drive planning for the day.

myexpenses.co.il Online software to manage family or small company budget. Connecting directly to all bank accounts and Credit Cards to retrieve information and create meaningfull graphs and insights with statistics regarding Income / Outcome and expenses.

Boutique Amalia Amalia web site is an online fashion boutique from Tel Aviv. Amalia presents the work of a variety of independent fashion designers, all of who are living, creating and manufacturing in Israel.

Novawind Novawind provides Hands-On marketing and business development services for companies targeting Western European countries. Since founded in 1996, our ability to make things happen has been helping our clients expand their business within the digital space (online and mobile).

BBI solutions It all comes down to bridging the People and the Technology. BBI Solutions will create just the right website for all your needs. We will advise you on the best Marketing Strategy for your website, design your logo, build your site, set up your web hosting, and even shoot the photos and video and write the content for you. BBI Solutions can provide one or all of these services, depending on your needs.

Rhodium Rhodium is a private investment firm, focusing on high growth cutting-edge opportunities in the fields of Internet, New-media, Mobile and new technologies in general. Its mission is to identify the most promising entrepreneurs and help them build thriving companies.

Medical 2.0 Index Medical 2.0 is offering you the largest and the most comprehensive database regarding the Health 2.0 arena. It's about web applications, sites, platforms and services on the web which offering both Health professionals ( Physicians, Researchers, Nurses, Para-Medical Professionals) and consumers added value while managing their professional activities or managing their on health.

PaperCite PaperCite is a training system, digitally replacing traditional learning books. PaperCite offers many new exciting features and possibilities for both students and lecturers.

Hottest News Hot news - all the hottest news directly to your desktop. What people are talking about. The Buzz of the internet. What's hot and what ever is online. Read the latest hottest news. hotestnews.org.

Hottest News Hot news, aka. as hottestnews.org is the only online updating news paper in the world to bring you the most interesting news and the hottest news in whole world. We created this news paper to provide our riders with all the hot topics, trends and scoops going on the world. Hotestnews.org brings not only the trends and hot fresh scoops but also capable of translating the information and making the news accessible in easy format for reading and analyzing the hottest trends and news items in the global village.

Timeout Israel TimeOut magazine in Israel. Time Out is the leading authority on the world's best cities. For 40 years, through magazines, guides and websites, our incomparable team of local experts have been providing up-to-date information and critically sharp commentary on the arts, culture and urban life.

Vetkey Vetkey is an online managment system SaaS for the use of vetrinarian clinics. The software enables all the needs of managing a small and large vet clinic online over the web.

Hingi is a pioneer provider of mobile impulse commerce solutions and services for any broadcast-related content, including user-generated content. It connects the mobile and broadcast worlds in real-time, allowing for a simple and user-friendly impulse purchasing process.

Netex (Net Express), Why should I download the Netex plug in?
The primary advantage in using the plug in is the ease of use when you switch from one search to another. There is no need to return to the page where the search engine is located and you can perform the search directly from the address bar.

Amber Net Solutions, AmberNetSolutions markets high quality, new and refurbished, networking equipment of leading companies such as Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks and HP Networking. In addition, we offer various high quality XENPAK/XFP/X2/SFP/GBIC modules which are compatible with networking equipment of leading companies. Our compatible modules can be used on the switches of many leading brand-names in the market.

UI - user interface, UI is a dynamic young firm, which provides a full range of consulting services to high-tech companies. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Ya'akov Greensphan and Gil Hupert-Graff, UI specializes and has extensive experience in the design and evaluation of user interfaces for web applications, 32-bit applications, and other computer systems. UI's staff includes professionals in the fields of human factors engineering, marketing, and graphic design. Our experts accompany all aspects and phases of the software product lifecycle.

Interbit Inc', InterBit Training & Consulting harnesses the power of the Internet to re-engineer business processes and provide innovative solutions to companies pursuing a competitive edge. By combining eye-catching graphical interface design and ground breaking application development, InterBit has established an unsurpassed track record of providing Internet and Intranet.

detectIT, Gives security consulting with high emphasis on Trojan and Intrusion detection and prevention. Actively scans your Local network for existing Malware AND for weaknesses and loopholes such attacks may take advantage of.

MirusPlay, The founders of MirusPlay have a vast wealth of experience in the gaming industry, and before setting up the company spent a long time researching the market to find out what exactly players and machine operators actually wanted and needed. The data collected has now become part of the essence of the company, striving to blend together the right mix of traditional styles and designs with a modern 21st century flavour of shapes and technology. We believe that a leap in embedded technology must occur soon, the same leap that happened when Sony came out with the Playstation and overwhelmed Atari setting new standards and benchmarks.

ACE - Applied Cognitive Engineering, ACE has developed a revolutionary training tool that enables basketball players to dramatically improve their game-intelligence skills. The trainer directly stimulates the brain-functions responsible for basketball?s cognitive skills. By doing so, this unique trainer enables super-quick development of proficiencies that, until now, were considered impossible to teach: decision-making, execution, shot selection, peripheral vision, court Sense, team play and more.

NexSig, NexSig Neurological Examination Technologies, NexSig develops adaptive diagnostic systems for early detection of neurological disorders. The company products are advanced Experts Systems that measure and analyze in real time biometric signals through self administered computerized tests

GammaSite, GammaSite develops and markets automatic categorization and tagging software used by large enterprises, publishers and governments. The company is leading the drive for intelligent, automatic information management that adds meaning and context to unstructured text. GammaSite's flagship product, GammaWare?, automatically classifies documents into categories defined in a taxonomy, using Statistical Machine Learning.

A few more:
Baby Pooh - Herzeliya Day Care
Gittit - Moshav Gittit unofficial homepage

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