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Underdog Projects

Some of our in-house projects:

teusonho.org Online dream interpretations of Dreams with dreams symbols in Portuguese for Brasilians. Interpretações online de sonhos de símbolos Sonhos com sonhos em português para brasileiros.

email2json.net Automation for email API - create email webhook API for receiving your email via POST in JSON format.

yabs.io is a smart bookmarking service that enables tagging of links and retrieving bookmarks by intersecting smart tagging systems. Bundle tags and Free text search. Yabs.io can show trendings tags and bookmarks.

JobsTrends.co.il Israeli work offers and job offer analysis. Analyze the trends in job requests with in Israel jobs news web sites. See how to plan your career using the hottest trends in Job Searching.

Realtime News Analysis Online Analyzed news is a news analysis realtime tool for filtering and viewing news and articles timeline, extends news and understand news data.

Planet Commander Planet commander is a pure HTML5, Javascript Canvas game. In the game you need to conquer other planets using your vessel fleet. It's a real-time strategy game you can play online from any HTML5 browser. A special chrome extension is also ready Planet Commander for Chrome

Understand my Dreams Understand my Dreams in an online location for all dreamers that wish to analize and to interpret their own dreams. Understanding the true symbols of their lucid dreams. Learning the meaning of dreams in an easy way. (Understand my Dreams - hebrew)

Gematrix.org, Online English and Hebrew Gematria Calculator for finding the gematric values of words, phrases and expressions along with their prallel values. Works in Jewish Gematria, English Gematria and Simple Gematria finding numerology values for phrases from the bible and the new testemoney in gimatria.

Memory Game, Pure 100% JavaScript online cards memory game using your own pictures or google image search. Build your own memory cards game using your own pictures online and play with them.

Tifsuni.co.il, Israeli forms archive. All forms for download, upload and use, from all kind.

GeekCon creativity projects, The GeekCon get-together is an invitation-only creative gathering happening the forth year in a row. Our goal is to form a critical mass of technically oriented creative talented people that will think up, create and deploy ideas. Or it's a short summer camp for geeks...

In GeekCon 2008 we have created the Cellular Computer Grid - creating a large computer to calculate PI using a grid computer made by cellular phones

In GeekCon 2007 we have created the sms2boiler project which allow sending of SMS text message to control the heating boiler in your house

Hebrew Numbers Converter, Online text to number and number to text converter for hebrew numbers. Write the number in words and get it as a number, or write a number and get the number in hebrew words

EncodingConvertor, Command line utility for converting any file type encoding to any file type encoding in just a simple command line. Based on Windows.NET and Linux Mono.

News Trends Israel, News Archive and News Analysis using RSS and search engines, viewing the trends in a timeline graph

Tofes, New algorithm for filling toto scripts in a special method

Hebrew Gematria Calculator, Calculates gimatria values of hebrew words phrases and expressions

The Invoice Calculator, An easy to use, Invoices online calculator for VAT and sum of amounts

Kama Kesef?, how much money to bring for a wedding?

Services List, List of Windows services and processes with their description

LOOP the movie, Loop Movie page (Yaad Kimchi, Cnaan Aviv)

My Stories, My stories in new stage

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